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Operation Fairfax Warrior took place between August 28, 1968 and September 10, 1968.  It was a full Battalion operation, although A Company and Recon remained on Firebase 29 and Company C, 1/14 was attached to 3/12 for the duration of the operation.  The Duty Officer's Log is rather large so, due to its length, is not posted in its entirerty.  Instead, the daily summaries written by Cpt. James Hennessee are in the following PDFs.  Please click to view.

A narrative of the operation can be found under Sometimes Nature WIns.

FW_09_07 Note: No narrative available - a few log pages were posted instead.

In the latter stages of Cpt. Hennessee's narrative he mentions that the weather had become a major problem for the operation.  In fact one of the few typhoons to strike South Vietnam during the war was impacting the area of the operation.  The following chart shows the track of Typhoon Bess.   The numbers in the circles depict the location of the eye at the dates from August 31 through September 8.


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